“Give me coffee”.

“No, Rex, no bacon roll for you”.

“Coffee. I want coffee”.

“No, Rex! No!! You’ll get fed when we get home”.

“Jeez, I’m 63 in your years and you’ve not once bought me a coffee. What’s a lifelong, loyal friend got to do to get a coffee? Macchiato, please, if they do it”.

“Yes, nice bowl of Winalot is what you want”.



For 35 years Bert and Sid were in love.

They sat on daisy-covered embankments at sunset watching the trains roll by. They would hold hands and whisper Cumbrian train timetables in each others ears.

One crazy night in 1982 they spent the night in an abandoned L.N.E.R sleeping car.

And then, last year, Bert spotted locomotive G103 and didn’t tell Sid.

They haven’t shared the same platform since.